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Let Us Design and Deliver Your Next Printed Circuit Boards

Wire Techniques Ltd. in Amesbury, Massachusetts, offers a state-of-the-art process and quality control system to deliver to you only the highest quality manufacturing services and products, including printed circuit boards and box builds, while assuring timely, cost-effective product delivery. We will assist you in designing and delivering the following projects:

• Auto Placement Fine Pitch
• Fine Pitch and BGA Technology (BGA Rework)
• Mechanical and Electromechanical Assemblies
• Printed Circuit Boards (Built To IPC-A-610 Standards)
• RF Cable Assemblies
• RoHS Compliant Manufacturing and Products
• Surface Mount Technology
• Wire and Cable Assemblies
• Wire Marking (Mil-Spec)

Printed Circuit Board Assembly

Drawing on our extensive experience in PCB assembly, we utilize a range of sophisticated equipment to develop and manufacture electronic products. Our highly trained staff is meticulous in providing the right approach to meet your requirements. We offer both conventional through-hole and modern surface mount technologies, while also having the capability to assemble and test a wide range of high complexity boards such as double-sided reflow, fine pitch, and BGA technologies. From production and prototype to rework and depot repair, our capabilities include:

• Complete Materials Management System
• ECO/Rework Services
• ISO-9000: 2015 Compliant Pending

• Production Capable To Fine Pitch and BGA
• Quick Turn, NPI Services

Circuit Board Assembly

Various Cable Wires and a Box Build

Box Build

Our final product assembly covers a wide range of products, from highly complex systems to small devices. Servicing both high volume and low mix runs, our experts source metal components such as platings and finishes, from all over the world. We offer flexible, responsive, and on-time delivery for everything, from bills of materials to custom configurations, product packaging, and shipping. We specialize in vertically integrated capability for system level product.

Wire and Cable Assembly

Our team of professionals are experts in the field of custom cable assemblies for commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications. From wire harness to electro-mechanical assemblies, our capabilities include:

• Cami Research Cabilzed Test System
• Custom Cables
• Cut, Strip, Prep
• Flat Flex Cable Assemblies
• Harness Assemblies
• IPC-A-620
• Modular Cable Assemblies
• Rework and Repairs
• RF/Coax Cable Assemblies
• Wire Marking and Processing


In addition to manufacturing, we can provide raw materials and services in prep level and sub-assembly products on an as needed basis or in an automated replenishment program. We support all your needs, even down to the electrical component level.